Concerts & News

Updated: March 3, 2019

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MARCH 2019
Fri 8 Christian Dozzler w/Wanda King Band @Cadillac Pizza Pub - McKinney, TX 9:00
Sat 9 Christian Dozzler w/Anson Funderburgh @Spring Park Clubhouse - Garland, TX 8:00
APRIL 2019
April 5&6 Christian Dozzler w/Hans Theessink @Metropol - Vienna, Austria
April 11 Christian Dozzler solo @Babü - Wolkersdorf, Austria
April 24 Christian Dozzler solo @Jazzland - Vienna, Austria
April 26&27 Christian Dozzler & Michael van Merwyk @Nidaros Blues Festival - Trondheim Norway
May 3 Christian Dozzler & Roosevelt Houserockers @Troadkastn Festival - Gallneukirchen, Austria
May 4 Christian Dozzler & Stephan Rausch @Gwölb - Korneuburg, Austria
MAY 2019
Sun 12 C.D. w/Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets @Gator By The Bay Festival - San Diego, CA